Quelling a noisy dryer

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How to Get the Best Value for Money Out Of Your Washer and Dryer

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Australians love their creature comforts and find it difficult to imagine those days when a typical home did not have a range of appliances to make life easier. This is especially evident when it comes to washing the family’s clothing on a weekly (and sometimes even daily) basis and those two machines in the utility room are frequently taken for granted. However, if you want to continue taking the easy route on wash day and make sure that you get full value for money out of your washer and dryer machines, you need to make sure that you apply best practices and keep them in good condition. Read More»

How Can You Tell if Your Office Coffee Machine Needs a Visit From the Maintenance Company?

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Most offices absolutely thrive on their coffee machines—and it’s a dark day when yours gives out and stops providing your employees or co-workers with precious java! If you want to keep that from happening, regular maintenance is key—so how can you tell whether or not it’s time to call your coffee machine maintenance company in to give you a hand? Your coffee seems to be too hot or too cold. Read More»

First Time Home Owner? 2 Appliance Services That You Should Book Immediately

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Buying your first home is an exciting time. The process of finding a home, getting the finance to purchase it and going through the unfamiliar legal side of the buying process can be a steep and sometimes overwhelming learning curve. Once you’ve completed the hand-over and you finally have your new house keys in your hand, you’re probably just looking forward to moving in, unpacking and finally relaxing in your new home. Read More»

Maintenance Tips to Prevent Unnecessary Freezer Repairs

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Your home’s appliances are a significant consumer of the energy expended by your residence. This is especially true with larger appliances such as your refrigerator, which stay on continuously every single day. One of the ways to decrease this energy consumption is by investing in energy efficient appliances. Nevertheless, if the appliance is experiencing difficulties and is overworking itself, you will still find that your electrical bills will be significantly high. Read More»

Why You Should Seek Scheduled Service Maintenance For Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

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Commercial refrigeration is a big investment for many retail and processing businesses that deal with beverages, fruits, vegetables, and food. And like many other assets or electrical installations, commercial refrigeration systems need regular maintenance too. One way to handle this need is by booking scheduled refrigeration service maintenance checks. Here, the technicians check on your equipment on fixed dates every month instead of waiting until something goes wrong. Below, find out why this approach makes more sense. Read More»

Barbeque Fires | 4 Actionable Tactics To Protect Your Family From Gas Barbeque Fire Blazes

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Barbeque sessions are commonplace to most Australian homes with nearly two-thirds of households owning them, according to data from Roy Morgan Research. The data also revealed that nearly 5.8 million households in the country owned barbeques in 2015. But fat from barbeque meats like lamb, beef and chicken on the fire can sometimes trigger blazes when you leave the grill unchecked for too long. Having working fire equipment is vital to keeping your family safe. Read More»