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Barbeque Fires | 4 Actionable Tactics To Protect Your Family From Gas Barbeque Fire Blazes

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Barbeque sessions are commonplace to most Australian homes with nearly two-thirds of households owning them, according to data from Roy Morgan Research. The data also revealed that nearly 5.8 million households in the country owned barbeques in 2015. But fat from barbeque meats like lamb, beef and chicken on the fire can sometimes trigger blazes when you leave the grill unchecked for too long. Having working fire equipment is vital to keeping your family safe. You'll also want to follow these actionable tactics in the event of a gas barbeque blaze. 

Turn Off Gas Supply

According to figures from NSW Fire and Rescue, barbeque fires saw an increase of 58 percent during summers from October to December. If your gas bottle is located away from the barbeque, turn it off to cut off supply to the unit. Without any gas supplied to it, the fire will automatically subside over a period. If the gas bottle is too close to the blaze, try to move it away using a sturdy rod because the blazing flames could cause the bottle to explode. Don't dive in to remove the gas bottle with your bare hands because you will risk injuring or burning yourself.

Move Flammable Items Away From The Barbeque

You probably use oil sprays to lubricate the grill plates and lighters to start the barbeque fire. You may leave these flammable items sitting on the side plate while you cook. But if there is a blaze, make sure you knock these oil sprays and lighters away because they could cause the fire to become even bigger. Similarly, move other flammable items like dry plants, cloths and papers away from the barbeque during a major blaze.

Put Off The Blaze With Your Fire Extinguisher Or Fire Blanket

Safety should always be key to any activity you undertake, so keep fire equipment handy when barbequing. If you cannot turn off the gas bottle, use your fire extinguisher or fire blanket to put off the blaze. Keep them in conveniently accessible locations while barbequing to avoid wasting time looking for them while a fire is burning high. Don't use water to put off this fire because water contains oxygen. This may trigger a larger blaze because fire requires oxygen to persist.

Apply Baking Soda To Cut Off Oxygen Supply

The trick to putting off fire is to thwart its oxygen supply. If you have baking soda handy, sprinkle the fire generously with this ingredient and shut the barbeque lid. This will cut off oxygen supply and will ideally put off the fire. Avoid using ingredients like plain flour or sugar on gas barbeque fires because they are combustible and will increase the blaze.

Follow these actionable tactics to protect your family from gas barbeque fires and make sure you have useful fire equipment around to prevent blazes from spreading.