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4 advantages of switching from electric to gas ducted heating systems

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When it comes to ducted heating systems, there are two main options: gas and electric. While electric systems are used in many parts of the country, natural gas heating is often a better option.

Gas ducted heating systems are more energy efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. And if a power outage occurs, you don't have to worry about spending a night in the cold. Here are 4 advantages that gas ducted heating has over electric systems.

1. It is more cost-effective

Electric costs are rising in many parts of the country. This is because electricity is used to power many different functions, from home electronics to charging electric cars. Increased demand and limited capacity often result in higher costs.

Gas ducted heating systems are a useful alternative. They rely on natural gas to heat and propel warm air throughout the home. Gas systems also provide a reliable supply of warm air, even if outdoor conditions are far below freezing point. The lower cost allows you to save on heating bills during the winter season.

2. Better performance

Gas ducted systems are also more effective in performance than electric systems. Natural gas provides constant heating to indoor air and you don't have to worry about fluctuations in the air supply.

Electric systems tend to have varying performance levels. If the unit is not properly serviced, you may experience lukewarm air or it might take more time to heat the property. This increased efficiency of gas systems also makes them an energy efficient option. In fact, if you purchase energy certified gas ducted units, you can enjoy a constant supply of fresh and warm air in your home without breaking the bank.

3. Better air quality

The efficiency of ducted gas systems also means that they provide better quality air. With clean air filters and sealed ducts, you can enjoy warm air that is free of pollutants, allergens, and other harmful components. This is not to say that electric systems produce unclean air, but their slight fluctuations in performance make them prone to lower quality air from time to time.

4. A more environmentally friendly option for the home

Natural gas emits fewer emissions than electric systems. In fact, electricity from coal-generating plants is known for its high greenhouse gas content. As cleaner electricity options are being explored, natural gas continues to have an edge in terms of environmentally friendly and clean energy for the home.