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How Can You Tell if Your Office Coffee Machine Needs a Visit From the Maintenance Company?

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Most offices absolutely thrive on their coffee machines—and it's a dark day when yours gives out and stops providing your employees or co-workers with precious java! If you want to keep that from happening, regular maintenance is key—so how can you tell whether or not it's time to call your coffee machine maintenance company in to give you a hand?

Your coffee seems to be too hot or too cold.

Sometimes, an anomaly like this is down to user error—so make sure you check your machine's settings before you get concerned. If everything has been programmed correctly, however, variations in drink temperature can indicate a deeper issue; it's worth giving the maintenance people a call. This is particularly pressing if your office coffee machine has started serving coffees at a scaldingly hot temperature, as that can quickly turn into a health and safety concern!

There's a weird aftertaste to your drinks.

All machines gum up a little over time, and your coffee maker is no different—especially if you live in a hard water area. Your machine is working hard to serve hot beverages all day long, so don't make it do so through a buildup of limescale, grease and scum! Getting the maintenance people in to clean the pipes isn't too difficult a job and will also help you to rule out any deeper issues. If your machine has a self-cleaning feature that is designed to prevent this, and the aftertaste is a particularly horrible, bitter one, stop drinking coffee from that machine and get someone out right away—it's possible that something has gone wrong with that feature, and the chemicals used to clean these machines can be poisonous if ingested.

The coffee machine is making an unusual noise.

Over time, you and your co-workers or employees will get used to the sounds your coffee machine makes—which means it will be pretty obvious to you all if those sounds change! Shifts like this are very possibly a cause for concern; even if the machine is behaving completely normally, it's a good idea to get it checked out before something more complicated happens.

It's been more than eighteen months since your last check.

Your home coffee machine can go strong for years without needing to be dealt with—but the ones used in offices are so much more hardworking that a bit of regular TLC is a great idea. You don't need to lavish attention on it constantly, of course, but getting it looked at every 1–2 years is a great way to ensure you don't wind up suffering from caffeine deficiency at your desk!