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First Time Home Owner? 2 Appliance Services That You Should Book Immediately

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Buying your first home is an exciting time. The process of finding a home, getting the finance to purchase it and going through the unfamiliar legal side of the buying process can be a steep and sometimes overwhelming learning curve. Once you've completed the hand-over and you finally have your new house keys in your hand, you're probably just looking forward to moving in, unpacking and finally relaxing in your new home.

Once you've moved in, you may think the days of appointments and inspections are finally over. However, there are a few more phone calls you'll need to make. Here are the two appliances that you should have checked and serviced by a qualified professional as soon as possible after you move in:

1. The split system air-conditioning unit

Split system air-conditioning units are a great addition to a home and can make a home far more comfortable during the colder and hotter months of the year. Finding out that either the heating or cooling function doesn't work is not ideal and it's even worse if you find out the first time you switch it on and when it's really needed.

Book in an air-conditioning contractor to give your unit a thorough service and clean. Not only will it work when you need it, the contractor can identify and fix any small problems that may become big, expensive problems if left unattended. A regularly serviced air-conditioning unit will also function more efficiently, keeping your new home more comfortable and your energy bills lower.

2. The fire alarms

Working fire alarms have been conclusively proven to save lives. It's vital that your new home is safe as well as comfortable, so booking in a fire alarm service by a registered technician should be a top priority. This phone call could genuinely save your life or those of your loved ones.

Common issues detected during a fire alarm service are flat or unsafe batteries, faulty fire alarms, fire alarms that are installed in the wrong locations and not enough fire alarms for the size of the property. These issues can quickly and easily be remedied by the technician, giving you peace of mind that your fire alarms will work when they're needed. A yearly service is advisable to keep your fire alarms in good order.

As a new homeowner, you'll soon realise that there you have many more responsibilities than you did as a renter. Regular services of appliances are one of these responsibilities that will save you time, money and inconvenience in the future.